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14" Meade LX850

Meade 20" RCX MaxMount

Apogee Imaging CCD

12" Meade Schmdit Camera

hp Z3200 Printer

Meade 12" RCX400

Galaxy Photography uses state of the art equipment to capture and produce stunning images of the heavens. Image capture is done with one of four Meade Instruments Telescopes.

In late 2001 Galaxy Photography began Direct Digital Printing with the addition of a 42" hp Designjet 5000PS printer. This professional imaging lab-grade printer allowed a total conversion away from conventional darkroom print processing. We have recently upgraded to a 44" hp Z3200 12 ink galery printer.

In 2005 Galaxy Photography began using a Yankee Robotics Trifid II 6303 CCD Camera. This instrument provided a higher resolution than can be obtained with film.

In 2009 the 6303 chip was upgraded to an Apogee Imaging Systems U9 housing. This instrument now produces images with lower noise and fewer artifacts. I have now begun reshooting many of the images with this new camera.

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